Cognitive Analysis of Student Learning Using LearnLab

Presented at the Physics Education Research Conference, Greensboro NC on August 2, 2007.

View the slides for this workshop (ppt).

Guided exploration: Andes log data

We introduce the Andes homework system and learn how to analyze the log files. After viewing the video of the solution, you can explore the log files using this exploration guide.

The DataShop offers access to log data over a number of different disciplines.  Here are some instructions to get you started.

Further Exploration

If you want to try more when you get home, you can look at some real datasets: To analyze these log files, I have developed a perl script and a Mathematica notebook onelog.nb.  These are not very user-friendly, but they do work.  They might serve as a reference if you develop your own scripts.

Also, we have model solutions to all Andes problems.  Contact us if you would like access to these web pages. 

We plan to offer the Andes source code to the public under an Open Source license.  In the mean time, we can offer CVS access to the source code upon request.