Download Andes

From this page you can install a standalone version of Andes.  A standalone version allows you to explore Andes' capabilities on your own computer.  The standalone version is not limited and includes all Andes problems supported at the time of release.  However, the standalone version does NOT work with the OLI web-based course system.  To access problems shown on an OLI on-line course, you must install a special OLI version of Andes.  The appropriate OLI version can be installed from the relevant introduction page of an OLI on-line course.  You may install both the OLI and standalone versions on the same computer.

Andes runs on Windows computers (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista). 

To install Andes:

  1. Click the above link to download an Andes installer file.
  2. Choose to save this file to disk.  Be sure to note the folder to which you are downloading the installer file.  A handy place is on your desktop.
  3. Locate the file you downloaded and double-click it to launch the Andes installation program.

To run Andes:

Find the Andes group on the Start Menu, and select Andes Physics Workbench.

The first time you use ANDES, choose a name to use as your ANDES student ID and type it into the login box. 

Andes will prompt new users to view the two-part introductory training video. The best way to avoid difficulties using Andes is by viewing the demonstration videos. All videos are accessible from the Help menu within the Andes application. See also these tips on viewing Andes videos.


On Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista: you must have Administrator privileges to install Andes.   

On Windows Vista: after running the installer, you may see a prompt from the Program Compatability Assistant warning that the program might not have installed correctly.  If so, follow the suggested steps to rerun the installer with compatibility settings applied to ensure successful installation. 

This version installs one introductory training video and accesses other videos over the internet as needed.  It unpacks to about 210 Mb on your hard disk. 

The current version of Andes is 13.1.1 (January, 2009).